By: Jacob Cleary

How to stay fit with it

As you play you need to use different body strengths, such as your legs and arms. You also need to use you wast .

You use your leg for running and jumping. You use your arms to throw and you wast to dodge the ball. In this page you will learn to be better at the game by expanding your strengths and your skills.

You will need to work on your flexibility, you can do daily stretches and work outs. Maybe you don't have any big special equipment, you can do other things like running or you can go to a workout place. You can also practice with friends or you can go to a gym to do some personal practice.

On Monday, you can do a work for an hour. On Tuesday,you can do stretches. On Wednesday, you can do some running. On Thursday, you can do stretches, and on Friday, you can do a workout again. That type of practice can make you much better at dodge ball, (if you keep it up).

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