Caring for the Elderly, Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans

When it comes to caring for the elderly, there are many things to consider. Caregivers are beset by challenges of many different types. One of those challenges is in dealing with resistance. You see, some seniors react to the introduction of care by resisting the help that they actually need.

A lot of what is required to deal with this aspect is to develop strategies for fostering cooperation when you care for that elderly person. At the root of the matter, it is a human reaction in response to some type of loss. The subject is typically losing some aspect of their lives including a loss of independence, physical loss or mental loss of some type. When a patient accepts care, they relinquish privacy to some degree and must adjust to a new mode of living.

It is something that is quite frightening for the patient and they can feel vulnerable, guilty or angry about the situation. The key to putting the proper care and gaining acceptance of this care is to communicate and plan as much is possible. It is important to determine what help is needed, discuss this care with a patient when they are relaxed and receptive, and you must persist in helping them accept the care that they need.

This is part of the important work that happens at Saint Margaret’s of Mercy, which is an organization based out of New Orleans that has provided outstanding care for the elderly within the community of New Orleans since 1931. Its leader is chief executive officer and top administrator Lawrence Stansberry from New Orleans, who has maintained its history of excellence through outstanding vision and dedication.

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