This is all about who I am, what I do, and who I hang out with.

I'm Pandora, a curious woman created by Hephaestus. I opened a box and let out all the evil in the world but at least there is hope.

Stonehenge is my favorite vacation spot because no one really knows hows the huge stones got there.

My favorite sport is cycling. I love the sport because it takes me to new places that I have always been curious about.

Cycling is by far my favorite sport... You never know what's coming, you can only imagine.

This is my favorite song because it goes so well to my past. The box hid demons and I was told to never open it but I did and this lead to bigger problems.

Furr's is my favorite buffet, there is so much variety. The people who work at Furr's change what they serve every once in a while, this makes me want to go back to see what new items they have. Not to mention the food is DELICIOUS!


Hephaestus- Pandora's creator .

Epimetheus- Pandora's husband.

Pyrrha- Pandora's daughter .

Deucalion- Pandora's daughters husband.


Matt: Curious House of the Scorpion character.

Tam Lin: Curious House of the Scorpion character.

Aphrodite: Gave me the gift of beauty.

Apollo: Gave me the gift of music.

Hermes: Gave me the gift of persuasion.

Zeus: Gave me a box as a wedding gift.

This has to be the Best movie ever made along with the great TV shows that made this movie possible.

Pandora's favorite movie full of MYSTERY

One of my addicting hobbies is opening boxes!

Pet Peeves!

I strongly HATE people with no curious bone in their body! Also when others blame me for causing the worst trouble to the world, when i gave the world an amazing gift (HOPE)!

I really did try to close the box but everything flew out, luckily there was hope in the box as well.

Hope You All Enjoyed Learning About Pandora!

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