Learning to Teach
Day 22 (Day 4 Infographic Questions)

The day came and I was quite surprised in the turn out of the students who gave me the links. Today I made sure that when I gave instruction, I was clear, I was direct, and I did not leave any guessing or wiggle room.

I could have change the way the students set the goal for themselves which was the activating strategy. Many seemed to not go really in depth, which the way I presented it wasn't that surprising. I need to find other ways to express exactly what I want the students to do.

During the period it was relatively quiet and seemed that most of the students were doing the questions. However, they seemed to be only going through a few at a time. I could have said that I would check that the students have done up to a certain question by the mid or end of the period.

One thing that I did do was tell the students that while the questions were not due until tomorrow. I made it a point to tell them that they will not have the full period, and that I would be collecting them at the end of the period tomorrow wether they were done or not. Not going to fib, some of the students faces made me smile. I did say to the students that what ever questions they did not finish should be done tonight, and during the time during class tomorrow.

Tomorrow I know somethings I need to tomorrow is to keep to my deadlines and really explain what is happening during the day and facilitate the learning. We will see what will happen if there is a two hour delay in how the students will behave and adjustments I need to make.

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