4th Period: Antonia B, Dwithney H, Leticia J, Akiva W.

Young Man with Dream

This picture shows Arsenio Hughes, 24, standing on 16th and Harding in front of a Martin L King memorial . The picture captures a motivating dream of a young African American male with a dream . A dream of getting away from his dangerous environment. My brother is a true inspiration to me.

The Drive

The drive is a picture of driving on the express way on lake shore, becoming familiar with the different parts of Chicago. Which is downtown Chicago, where there is knowingly slight racism, and separation. People feel the urge and sense of not belonging, in this area. Downtown has so much, but so little to offer, for colored.

Danger on the West side

Living on the west side of Chicago, you see rare things everyday. Chicago's west side is not a safe place or a neighborhood you would dream living in. It's dangerous and a lot of negative things happen. Like on a normal day around 4 O'clock a fire broke out which sparked the whole west side. This event was huge and across every news station. Police just don't have to ride around, they have to be on foot because a lot of crime is going on and they have to be aware and have their ears open. Chicago is not a place that I would have pick to grow up in, but I'm glad that I do live in Chicago, because of all the obstacles I went through, it made me a better person.

Ice Cold To Ice Hot

On a normal day in Chicago, a fire broke out at the Ice House on the west side of Chicago. It started a crowd in a blink of an eye. The smoke was all over the west side. The ice house was a place that everyone went to buy ice for a snow ball to sell at their candy store.

Fire Aftermath

This picture was taken on Harrison and Fifth. It captures the aftermath of a huge fire near the Eisenhower express way. An Ice company goes into flames because of a propane explosion. In this picture you see the fire man finally retaining the fire.

Living On

A young boy life was taken away from him at an early age. Even though his body not physically here on this earths his soul still live threw his neighborhood. Jackson and Springfield is one neighborhood on the west side of Chicago who joins together and become one, when a solider is taken away from them.

K Town Neighborhood

In the neighborhood I live in you see different things almost everyday .In this picture you see people who begin to gather in one spot to see all the firer fighters fights off the fire near their homes


As you can see this picture is a person who works around the city for the streets. They are fixing this street so people could be able to ride down the street without having to dodge pot holes, or huge holes in the ground.


In this photo you can see that it is still early, i was on my way to school at 7 in the morning. it was raining and real cold that day.

Class Activity

Students are doing their work in Al Raby High School. This is Physics class (7th Period). This school is located on Central Park and lake (Mostly by the conservatory).

Honors Class

Senior Class of 2015 at Al Raby High School. Where excellence is practice. This is a group of future leaders who are dedicated to their education. They were having a study session , also getting extra work done.


School supposed to start at 8 O’clock, at Alraby High School and students supposed to be here at about 7:55 am. Here in Alraby there are a lot of kids dangling in after 8:00 am. When students are late they have to stand in the hall and wait till 8:15 to go up. Which they are missing half of they first period, and if they keep being late they would eventually fail first period.

School Halls

Students are on their way to lunch (6th period) At Al Raby. Normally there are juniors and seniors at lunch around this time. Sophomore’s and freshman’s are usually in class while we are at lunch.


In our Urban Studies class you may not see a lot of people because most of the students are on a college field trip at Al Raby high school. This was taken during 4th period class.


It’s more to Chicago than the negatively you see on the news. It’s several of areas you can go to relax. The lake front is one; it’s on 46th which is located on the south side of Chicago. It’s a nice place to sit and sort your thoughts out.



This is taken on a train platform. You see the train tracks, street lights, and people on their way to work or school. This is located on Central and Lake. In the background you can see the YMCA building located on Central and Race. This is important because it shows how people get around the city instead of just using a car all the time some people use public transportation.


This picture is in front of my house. It’s big and located on the west side of Chicago. This picture was taken in the afternoon; I was just getting out of school.

The Game

The game is a picture of being at a Lakers game, but also becoming familiar with the different lifestyles of others. Not everyone has the opportunity to chase their dreams, but the people who are living the dream, become an inspiration for those who still fight to have that opportunity.

Cubs Game

At the L.A Verses Chicago cubs game. This was a great game at the Wrigley field . Enjoying this game with my senior peers


Food is the most important thing, without food you wouldn’t survive. I eat all day and still remain the same size. I’m the fat skinniest person you would ever meet. I love cake, more than a fat person.


When it comes to clothes I become a whole different person. I literary have clothes that I never even worn before. My room is full with shoes all over. I love shoes more than I like peoples. I’m like the queen of fashion; I have my own way of dressing.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre is a cinema on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, United States. This iconic, opulent theater host’s movie premieres & immortalizes hand- & footprints of the stars. Such As iconic celebrities, major movie premieres, events and etc.

Universal studios

Universal studios, is a place where people go to experience different talents, and try to make themselves noticed. Not only that but universal studios is a place where you can also have fun. In which, is a very diverse but bit of segregation.

War Zone

This is a vacant lot on Jackson and Pulaski.It was once a beautiful area ,now turned into war zone for drug addicts and dealers. I walk past this lot everyday to come to school

Theme For English B

                                                      Living in Chicago

Living in Chicago, is not a yellow brick road. Their many obstacles you face at an young age. Living in Chicago, you are open and learn many things before you reach the age 10. Living in Chicago, theses streets doesn’t love you, they would hurt and miss abuse you. Living in Chicago, you have to watch your back, when walking to the store, or even playing in a neighborhood park. Living in Chicago, gun shots are almost a normal sound you hear on a daily. Living in Chicago the grass isn’t always green. Living in Chicago, there are a lot of cons but that’s what come with living in Chicago. - Akiva Wade

Theme about me:

Theme about Me: Where do i start, I have a huge family that is separated throughout the whole country. I have family in Memphis, Mississippi, Atlanta, Indiana, and more. Some of my family have been dying from left to right it’s like when will the madness end. I have had family members that have died like 2 weeks behind each other. It’s been a rough 2 years for me and my family. I have loved ones that I lost over the past 2 years, but i keep my family in good spirits to let us stay focus with our life. Life is too short to be trying to worry about the next person and their life.- Leticia jones

Theme for English B

I am colored, and 18 years young.

A very athletic person! I play volleyball, softball, bowling, and love to run.

I am loving and caring, and

I get stuff done.

I attend Al Raby high, where he’s helped fought for our rights.

I live in an environment of violence,

where words are unspoken,


Group Theme

As a whole, these are things that takes place in our every day life. In which, determines who we are, were we've come from, and how from we've came. Mainly focusing on our upbringing, as students and children.

As a child I always saw my city as a fresh start ; a new beginning. Once i grew up I begin to see Chicago as a war zone. Bodies dropping left and right . But through all the bad it is still some good. Many teens in Chicago are future leaders with a great mindset , but many people don't see it because of all the negativity the media gives .I am one of those teens with good potential  . I may live in Chicago but it will not define my character.