Inventions of the industrial revolution

C. Kennedy

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter is important because it helped people to write much faster than they could with paper and ink. Also, the print was easier to read than handwriting. It made the documents look more professional when it was typed too.


Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone is important because it revolutionized communication. People were able to instantly communicate. This made information a lot easier to pass on.

Automatic Lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

Trains were able to run faster with the automatic lubricator. That helped things and people to get to places in a shorter amount of time. Also, there was less maintenance involved.


Thomas Edison

The lightbulb was so important because people could do things in the dark. They used to use candles for light but with a light bulb, they don't have to worry about wind or something putting it out. Also, a lightbulb could put off more light.


Guglielmo Marconi

The radio was an important invention because people were able to hear news as it was happening. It was also a form of entertainment.

Game of Basketball-1891

James Naismith

The game of basketball was an important invention because it was a form of entertainment. People of all ages could have fun playing. It also is exercising.

Cash Register-1879

James Ritty

The cash register was an important invention because it made it a lot easier for cashiers at keep track of things. Like every time there was a transaction, it was kept track of by the register and the cashier could count of the amout of transactions. It also showed the total price in a screen when a transaction was completed.

Elevator Brake-1854

Elisha Grave Otis

The elevator brake improved the safety of the elevator. Also, skyscrapers were being designed different due to elevators being more common now. Cities started looking different.


Thomas Edison

The phonograph was an important invention because it was a form of entertainment. Also people could listen to important information from it.

Automatic dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

The automatic dishwasher was an important invention because it was much after than washing by hand. It was also much easier than washing by hand. It was very efficient.

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