The Roman Army

What was the roman army like

Was the Roman army strict

In Rome the army was hard cruel and most of all death there death here, they were so strict that if your were to fall over in a 30km march you'd be whipped. Some Auxiliaries were put in front because they were like the pawn in chess and they had gone into war first, they were paid very little and had pretty much no training which was useless to them. The Army had good techniques though like the tortoise which is used with shields to make a barrier ( Tortoise )  there were a couple groups of forces Arches, andAuxiliaries and standard bearers, which were men from countries that had been conquered and demolition had started after the conquering. Most groups of people had to have twice the size swords and shields but even heavier, this had made them be like a ninja because they were used to something massive. Most men because women weren't aloud to fight because they were more of gentle people and not for war because the men thought " if women fought in war we would our children be our keen fighters"

The Romans were the most keen fighters and had plenty of weapons and resources from other places they had conquered like Britain, Africa and also quick fact Julius caesar cleopatra and she was the queen of Africa until Rome invaded Africa and caesar married cleopatra and had a child but then again he had 4 wives so not suprising if he had 5 kids. If you were a Britain or African you had the choice of becoming a soldier for Rome or dyeing in Rome because every person was tacked back to Rome even animals for the colosseum.

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