Henry Vlll

Born June 28, 1491 and Died on January 28, 1547

Henry Vlll died at age 55 in London. He had 6 wives named Catherine of Argon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr. He had a father named Henry Vll of England and a mother named Elizabeth of York. He has been living in London, England

APPEARANCE : Tall, Heavier set, Short hair, Beard, Blue-grey eye

PERSONALITY: Intelligent, curious, willing to learn, enjoyed dancing and entertainment

CLASS/SOCIAL BACKGROUND: Was taught religious studies in Roman Catholic  religion along with other languages. Studied in law, literature, history etc.


-led the religious reformation in England and changed the religion of England

-Established the Act of Supremacy

-Decreased the power of the Nobles and increased the power of Parliment

HOMETOWN: Greenwich Palace, Greenwich

OTHER INFO: He beheaded two of his wives, wrote his own music, and his original name was Henry Tudor.



-Henry Vlll created the Church of England because the pope would not let him get a divorce and then re-marry

-Split off the England church from the Roman Church

Church of England


-Did this to limit the power of the churches in England

-Over 800 Monasteries were ruined or sold and bought as Anglican Churches.

-It lasted for 4 years and the last Monastery that was ruined was Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey



-By 1540 the Navy had more than 50 ships.

-We still use Navy ships in the military today


-It is still against Catholic religion to divorce

-You know people today that marry and divorce a couple times

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