Industrial Revolution One Word Summary Stephanie Rehrer 2nd hour

The industrial revolution was all about people creating new and different things to help improve life in general. The industrial revolution encouraged people to think outside of the box and improved the technology while also improving the economy. People like Thomas Edison started creating things that we now have revolutionized and we now use his inventions everyday without even realizing it such as the camera and an electric motor that are in cars. Inventors such as Thomas Edison’s inventions help us do simple tasks we take for granted such as driving the car you drove today. The industrial revolution also helped the economy states that “Machines replaced people in methods of production.”. Since this happened production became much quicker and there were more jobs for people to operate these machines which means they would have money to spend which helped flourish the economy. Theses are only two of the many things creating had to do with the industrial revolution.


Timeline of Selected Inventions by Thomas Alva Edison

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