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Grant School needs lockers!!!

Did you know that Grant School’s lost & found is always too full? Over 10 people lose things every day at Grant School. Grant School needs lockers.

Grant School needs lockers because the coat hooks are not working very well. For example, when I brought a big sweater to school it kept falling off of the hook because there was not enough room. If students clothes do not fit on the hooks, the students won’t want to bring it to school. If it’s cold outside and they don’t have a coat, then kids might not be able to go outside for recess.

Another reason is that the class would be more organized we had lockers. For example, if someone else lost a piece of supplies the teacher would know which locker to put it in. For instance, I have put my stuff on someone else’s hook before by accident. You might not care if the classrooms at Grant School are more organized, but we think it’s important.

Less things will get lost with lockers. You might not care if other people’s things get lost, but I do. For example, my friend Alvin keeps losing his hat. If Alvin keeps losing his hat and doesn’t have it to put on, then his head would be cold.

You might be thinking: how would we pay for lockers, who would put them in, and where would we put them? Well I have a solution for that. We would have a fundraiser for lockers. We would put lockers where the coat hooks are. We would have Mr. Terry put in the lockers during our recess time. That is how we could get lockers at Grant School.

I really really think that Grant School needs lockers. If you agree, please help raise money. Together we can help raise money for our school to get lockers.  

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