There were many problems of discrimination immediately at start of the movie. The man at the gas station that was filling the bus told Jackie that he could not use the bathroom since he was black. As the movie went on, Jackie received many death threats. However, there were several whites that were supporting him. By the end of the movie the Dodgers all seemed to respect Jackie.

Throughout the movie I began to learn more about how discrimination can effect a person and their family. Discrimination leads to a lot of stress and hate. Jackie could not fight back, no matter how bad the discrimination got. The only thing that he could do was to keep moving forward and prove them wrong.

Race/Discrimination Then and Now:

Race is not as big of an issue now than it used to be. Segregation used to be a big problem. Blacks could not use certain bathrooms, water fountains, or even eat in most restaurants. Today, blacks can do anything that whites can do. However, there are still many people that are racist. Affirmative action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education. Some believe that blacks should not be allowed to have higher level jobs.

Today, many baseball teams have more than one black player. They are being treated on how they can play ball, not by the color of their skin.


Brank Rickie decided that he was going to bring blacks into white baseball. That man was Jackie Robinson. He was offered $600 per month and $350 bonus for signing. Jackie began playing for Montreal. Many people were angry that he was playing with whites, and even threatened at one point after a game. Afterwards he had to leave Sanford. A man came up to him and said that he and many others in the area are proud of what he is doing. Spring Training for the Dodgers began in Panama, and Jackie is going to start training with them. His wife discovered that she was pregnant at one of the Montreal games, and had the baby 8 months later. A petition was going around the Dodgers team about not wanting to play with Robinson. They were told that if they didn’t want to play with him, then they would be looking for new jobs. His first hit of the season was a home run. During their game against the Giants, the Giant's manager was getting under Jackie’s skin on his second bat. He hit the third ball after the first two went by his head. The entire game, the Phillys manager was yelling at Jackie and saying that he did not belong. The entire Dodgers team got kicked out of a hotel in Philadelphia that they had been staying at for 10 years because Jackie was on the team. The Phillys manager took a photo with Jackie to make up for what happened at the game. Jackie was cleated in the beginning of a game and had to get stitches. He was also hit in the head by a fast ball. He still continued to play and ended up winning the game against the pirates with a homerun.

This video shows how ignorant many people are, and how many people have to die in order to get people to respect one another. It took many deaths, and many people struggling to realize that blacks are just like whites aside from skin color to settle the discrimination.


A high school football coach finds himself fighting for stakes much higher than the State Championship. In 1971, a court order forces three high schools in Alexandria, Virginia (two white, one African-American), to combine their student bodies for the first time. As a result, Coach Bill Yoast, longtime head coach of the T.C. Williams High School football team, is asked to step down, and Herman Boone is appointed to replace him as the school's first black faculty member. The new coach is barely welcomed with open arms, either by the school's staff or the students, and the newly combined team is full of players, both black and white, who have little trust or respect for one another. But Boone is determined to put a winning team on the field, and his future depends on it. Against long odds, Boone helps his team overcome distrust and misunderstanding of their coach, and they go on to win the championship

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