Macomb County Residents Are

Changing Their Habits to Save Lives!

Will You Change Your Habits, Too?

HELP SAVE TREES. Recycle: Newspapers, junkmail, paperback books, yellow pages, magazines, junk mail, shredded paper, etc. Anything paper. No cardboard please.

HELP RESTORE LIVES. In Macomb County, once a month, we pick-up and deliver to a local paper recycling company who pays by the ton! Funds go directly to pay for food, shelter, clothes, medical and counselling expenses to restore the lives of women/children rescued from Human/Sex Trafficking in our neighborhoods. Yes, in our neighborhood!

Watch this short video to realize it's happening in all neighborhoods including cities in Oakland and Macomb County.....

.....And You Just Saw The Tip of The Iceburg!

If you want to start changing your habits by recycling YOUR PAPER PRODUCTS to help us restore the lives of rescued Sex Trafficking victims (young girls), just click the button below to sign up to receive an email confirmation.

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