An inferences is a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

For example:

  • Norman sees cookie crumbs on the floor and chocolate around his son's mouth. Norman can infer that his son got into the cookie jar.
  • Julia works at a pet store and owns four cats, a lizard, a dog and a rabbit. It can be inferred that Julia is a pet lover.
  • John hears a smoke alarm and smells burnt bacon. John can infer that his neighbor burnt her breakfast.

I can infer in this picture that the little boy does not want to eat his snack because he does not look happy.

I can infer that the lady in the photo in bored or confused because she has a worried look on her face.

I can infer that the little girl in the photo in lonely and being bullied because she is sitting by herself and she does not have a smile on her face. she looks sad and depressed.

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