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Friday Roundup - 21st November 2014

Headteacher's Blog

Year 11 Revision Evening

Thank you to all those parents and students who joined us for our Year 11 revision evening. We have received a number of messages this morning from parents letting us know how useful the session was in helping them to support their son or daughter over the coming months. As we move towards Christmas, Senior staff and Heads of Houses will be meeting with Year 11 students to discuss how they continue to prepare themselves for their examinations. We hope that mind maps and revision cards will be frequently utilised at home.

Revision Sessions

Many departments will offer revision sessions for students. Please encourage your son or daughter to attend these. When the support is available, it is disappointing when the students who would really benefit from the support do not attend. When they do attend, we have had feedback from both parents and students that these sessions make a real difference.

Staff Meeting

This week at our staff meeting we enjoyed a training session led by Mrs Blair which helped us all reflect on how skilfully we use questioning in the classroom. Students may see teachers in each others' classes over the coming months as we work together to further develop our classroom practice by sharing ideas and strategies.


This week I talked to students about 'Flow'. I only touched on the work of Milaly Csikszentmihalyi so I have put the link below which I hope you find interesting. Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi asks, "What makes a life worth living?" Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of "flow." He also talks about the need to have 10 years of experience in an activity before mastery can begin. Surely the role of a school is to help students to offer students opportunities to find what area it is that they wish to immerse themselves in?

And finally the strangest part of my week:

When our photography students ask us to help them, we try to. Last year the photography students attained fantastic results so we know their teachers know exactly what they are doing. However I remain quizzical as to why they are taking photographs of staff and students in the poses of Mr Men. No doubt we will see the final outcome of their work in the art rooms!

Schools are wonderful places to spend time in when you are surrounded by the creativeness and energy of young people.

Uttoxeter schools review: Investing in education for Uttoxeter’s future

Please find below a letter from the county council with further information about the review of Uttoxeter Schools.

We hope you will share your views with the county council either by emailing the address below or by joining one of the sessions listed. The session at Thomas Alleyne's High School is an information drop in session running between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.

Dear Parent,

We’re seeking your feedback on two options that will see £20 million investment in Uttoxeter’s schools and secure enough places at good local schools for children in Uttoxeter, now and in the future.

Both of these options will involve changes that will directly impact Uttoxeter’s children and families.

Please read on to find out more about these options and how you can share your feedback with us.

A good or better education

Every child deserves a good education because when they grow up, it helps them to get a good job and live a healthier, happier and independent life.

By 2020, Staffordshire County Council is committed to supporting all schools in Uttoxeter, and across the county, to be judged as good or outstanding by Ofsted.

Our belief is that any school can be outstanding if school leadership, management and teaching is excellent, but school buildings and the surroundings in which children learn are also important.

More school places in Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter is growing. Over the next ten years we are expecting a lot of new houses to be built. This means that the town will need an extra 930 school places by 2021.

The county council is planning to invest around £20 million in Uttoxeter’s schools to ensure that there are enough places at good local schools for children who need them now and in the future.

Investing wisely

£20 million is a lot of money. The county council wants to invest this money in a planned way because good school organisation is part of giving Uttoxeter’s children the best possible local education, now and in the future.

Planned investment in Uttoxeter’s schools will mean better facilities for Uttoxeter’s children. It can also ensure that we have the right number of school places at the right time and in the right place.

Add this to great teaching and fantastic leadership and Uttoxeter’s schools will be in a strong position to give the town’s children the excellent education they deserve.

Two preferred options: Tell us what you think

In partnership with Uttoxeter’s head teachers and chairs of governors, the county council is sharing information on two preferred options for investment.

Please go to to see an overview of each option and how it could impact you. Then, pleaseask questions or give your feedback:

  • Uttoxeter Library, Saturday 22 November, 10am-12 noon
  • Tynsel Parkes First School, Tuesday 25 November, 3pm-5pm
  • Thomas Alleynes High School, Tuesday 25 November, 6pm-8pm
  • St. Peters Marchington First School, Wednesday 26 November, 3pm-5pm
  • Windsor Park Middle School, Wednesday 26 November, 6pm-8pm
  • Ryecroft Middle School, Thursday 27 November, 6pm-8pm

    Please make sure you get in touch before 5th December 2014.

    The feedback you give will be used to decide whether to go to formal consultation on the proposed investment in Uttoxeter’s schools from January 2015.

Art News!

This week year 12 and 13 art students have had the opportunity to take part in life drawing using a professional model.

After a nervous start for some, the sessions were a great success with all students showing improvement in their drawing skills and their confidence.

PTA Events

The Annual Christmas Gift Market takes place on Thursday 27th November between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm.  There will be lots of stalls selling a wide variety of gifts and goods. More details soon.

Please do support our PTA events. The PTA work hard all year to raise money for the benefit all our students. The new fund raising project for this year is to purchase new lockers for use by the pupils.

Latest Menus from the Canteen

To see the latest menus that are available from the school canteen please click on the button below. Remember that you need to keep your account topped up to the able to purchase food from the school canteen!

Senior Team Maths Challenge

A cold, wet, Monday afternoon saw a team of two Year 12 and two Year 13 Further Maths students travel to Stafford. There were to compete against the best of Staffordshire schools in the regional heat of the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge. Three fierce rounds of competition, the group round, the cross-number round and the shuttle relay round, saw the Thomas Alleyne's team finish in a very respectable 12th place. Congratulation to all involved.

Ski Trip 2015

A reminder to all attending the Easter trip to La Thuile that we have the first parents evening this coming Wednesday at 6pm. Can all parents please check their emails for a list of information that is required for the evening. It is essential that you bring two passport compliant photographs to the meeting.

Unfortunately for the person involved, a place has become available at the last minute, should you be interested in this full details are available from Mr Cartwright.

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