There are many tags u can use with HTML, but first start w/ the #<basics>

You must start with <!doctype html>, and then end with </html>. This tells the program you are using HTML and it also closes HTML. You will always put a backslash before the first word in your tag to close that tag's section.

In between, put <head> and</head>. In between that, put <title> and </title>. This titles the tab. You put your title in between those tags.

Under that mess and above </html>, put <body> and </body>.

In between this you can use any one of these tags, but remember to close it with </____>:

<p> this starts a new paragraph.

<br> this is "enter"

<body bgcolor= "______"> is how to have a background color. you put this instead of <body>. Where the blank is, you put your hexadecimal color code.

<hr>gives a line through the middle of the page.

<strike> strikes words out.

<sub> writes in sub-script

<sup> writes in superscript

<b> bolds words

<u> underlines words

<i> italicizes words

<h1> through <h6> changes font size

Wow! Now thats the end of the #</basics>

Hope u like this funny gif m8.

hope u find this useful!

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