Mead Hall Party
By: Rebecca Raymond

Welcome to Heorot 2.0, the new and improved Mead Hall. After a small fire, thanks to revenge by the Dragon's mother, this top of the line hall will suit all of your partying needs. Come on in and join us!

Meet King RayRay, ;) Grandnephew to the legendary Beowulf, King RayRay has inherited the throne. To kick off his reign and recently remodeled dining hall, the King is throwing a party and you are invited!

You are cordially invited to join King RayRay, the Queen, and all the thanes at the first celebration at Heorot 2.0. These festivites will include food, drink, music, gifts and more!

From the outside the construction of wooden beams and stones are visible along with the rustic look of torches to light up the doorway. The mix of materials is unique to this structure and it provided a sturdy structure.

On the inside, large tables are available for feasting along with access to side rooms for sleeping after. The overhead chandeliers provide natural fire light and warmth. The inside felt very homey to the thanes which is good because most of their meals, days and nights were to be spend here.

To thank the thanes who helped rebuild the Mead Hall, the King will present each with a golden horse to call their own. Each horse has been trained by the royal equestrians and will come with a jeweled saddle and harness. Fit for a knight.

The guests are welcome to enjoy a variety of foods including many meats. With a hall full of men there is sure to be plenty of noise and possibly a few fights may break out.

And for dessert, chocolate cake will be served curtosy of the Queen's request. While the Queen may not have had to cook the food. She may be waiting on her husband and serving him his dinner.

Any party would not be complete without a little beer. A lot of beer actually! Barrels are ready to fill everyone's need. The King has the best drink around so be sure not to miss the highlight of the event.

This could not have been pulled off without help from the Queen. Even though barely mentioned and acknowledged, she is an important sidekick to the King and involved with all decisions. she has not been named here since that is Anglo-Saxon customs but she was still well known and important to the kingdom.

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