By: Ben Domeier

As it is shown in the picture, Syria has the smallest popultion. We don't use as much water as the other countries.

Population 2014

In this graph, we see that even though Turkey and Iraq have some people in the rural areas, Syria has at least half it's population living on farms and they need water to make food for themselves.

Syria's population hardly grows at all while the other countries flourish and thrive with life.

Our renewable water is very low because we need so much so that we may survive.

This graph shows how much water Syria uses and the main things we use it for. We use water mostly for agriculture so that we may produce food and be able to survive and not starve.

 The biggest reason Syria needs water from the Tigris and Euphrates is that we don't have much water from inside our own country. No water means no food and no food means death. This is why we ask for so much water, so that we can survive and actually have some because inside our country, we have none.

Even over time, Syria's populations doesn't have a vey big population and it doesn't need as much water as the other countries.

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