"Love is colorblind"

By M.G. Wells

I believe ..

I believe in the happiness of people,

the someone who is loyal,

the person to whose shoulder you cry on,

the person who has always been there for you,

the receiving back from heart to heart,

advice,love, honesty, commitment

But I don’t believe in hate.

I believe in having a good time together,

I believe in trust issues,

I believe in loving each other without doubt,

hugs, kisses, holding hands,

And I believe in never giving up on someone because you wouldn’t want them to give up on you.

My Credo Essay

Love is color blind, M.G. Wells. This means that someone you truly love is standing right in front of you and you don’t even notice it. People go on with their day without noticing how much people love or care about them. You don’t have to be the same race to be in love with someone.

I got this credo off of the website. I’ve heard it around before but really didn’t know what it meant until now. I did not create this by myself or create it at all. I don’t see much people use “Love is colorblind,” a lot.

This credo is important to me because it has so much meaning to it. Like I’ve said in my introduction people go on with their life without even noticing the people in front of them loving and caring about them. Some people will never see in front of their eyes. That’s when they need a reality check.

Yes, I do think my credo with change when I get older. Mine has changed a lot because I’ve seen people who care or love about me that I didn’t ever think they would. I finally realized that. This will help my future by showing me how people are nowadays, some people just don’t care about anything and some people do.

A bunch of people probably had this credo. It is a good saying and some people should stick with it. It changes a lot after you see what’s in front of you. Love is not really colorblind but you need to see what is it front of you before you hurt someone who loves and cares about you.

By Nicki Fowler

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