Wise Man

Homo Sapiens

The Wise Man was discovered by mine workers. They lived 200,000 to 28,000 years ago in Africa, Europe, and parts of western Asia. They had larger brains than the hominids that lived before them. That is why they were called Wise Man. Scientists also call this group Neanderthal Man. Neanderthals were short and stocky compared to modern humans. The Wise Man were very strong which was handy. They had a lot of facial hair, I bet it made them itchy. Also they stood straight and tall all of the time.

The Wise Man were skilled toolmakers and made more than 60 kinds of different tools. The tools they made needed much more planning and intelligence than tools made by earlier hominids.

Scientists think Wise Man lived in a community. When members of a group died, their bodies were buried and tools and flowers were put around the body. Neanderthals lived and traveled in groups. They were the first early hominids to hunt in an organized group. It was working and living together which helped them survive.

Scientists believe Neanderthals lived with early modern humans for about 10,000 years but no one knows the reason why Neanderthal populations disappeared.

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