How to Surprise Your Fellow Workmates

A workplace should be a person's second-home where their workmates are in away family and their boss a certain parent figure looking over them and the others remain under their supervision.

They should know their value, because without a sense of community and understanding at a workplace regardless of what it is, will lower the person's job satisfaction resulting in a consistent fall in an incentive to be productive. It is the job of a company to have a certain attachment to all who build the business place. Coming to a workplace which presents the same routine day-in and day-out can be depressing in comparison with the other things. So apart from making a vibrant atmosphere in your workplace, a certain element of the unknown possesses great potential to revive the heart of their workplace.

Corporate gifts: It is a gift given by a business to an entity. It can range from something monitory, a form of a bonus to the person's salary, or it can be an item, like an oil painting. Now both types of gifts need to satisfy some sort of prerequisites. Many companies and corporations have gift policies which restraint them with a money limit, so every company has their own budget for corporate gifts. Another concern is giving a gift that the receiver will adore, that requires something I mentioned earlier, where the business should have a genuine and keen interest in their workers, knowing a little, if anything, about them. Its always a good point to remember, that a gift which is actually something that is fancied by the receiver is valued more both on a material and sentimental level. An example of a good gift to the right people is a “Birchbox”, it is nothing fancy but what it contains are five different samples of hair products, skin-care products, and other beauty products, these are obviously sent to the female workers in the firm and are sent by the end of each month.

Seems pretty standard right? Not really. These are general guidelines but it varies from company to company, and from country to country. Corporate gifts in Singapore, for example, have a whole new set of rules to follow. Now Singapore as you know is doing its best to be a corruption free country, so monitory gifts are not accepted because plainly enough they are thought of as bribes, so one aspect of bonuses are out the window. Also they will never give a gift which is too large to just one person, they will give big gift amongst a group of people or small gifts among each individual. A few customs there regarding gift-giving and gift-receiving are that when a gift is given to a person they are usually the ones who reject it to appear selfless and not greedy but the gift-giver needs to be persistent until they receiver accepts. Another custom is that when a gift is received it should not be opened plainly because it will make the receiver look greedy and impatient, also it avoids the situation where the person does not find the gift appealing or to his standards, which makes everything all the more awkward. So corporate gifts in Singapore is an example to show that everyone has their own preferences

Event Management companies: A good way to surprise your co-workers and elevate their mood is by organizing an event for them, something small like a lunch or a party. One will not have to worry about the details of the party, the only concerns for the head would be when, where and how many people. The rest is for the event manager to decide. It is their job to provide venues for events and obtain location support, getting speakers and permits, providing a theme then investing in it by gathering the needed things such as decorations. Also taking proper safety regulations for the event making sure that in case of an emergency or even a fire, all the guests are well taken care of and evacuated without harm. So one only needs to hire them and the rest is their headache. Usually big-time firms have their own event managers who often are used for planning events for either their own workers or for the corporations’ guests. Either way with an event manager present (usually working in the Human Resources department) can help out making things easier.

Workmates are important; a form of unity and appreciation would be needed to give them an incentive for higher production and for their welfare. Giving gifts or organising events is one thing, but genuinely paying specific attention to each one of the employees is something has more value.