Big Bright And Purple

By: Aduell Smith



Josephinum Academy has been on God's beautiful earth since 1890 in Wicker Park. Josepinum is a catholic single sex college prep school who does not discriminate.They inspire young women and show them the right path to take. Josephinum is the best school you can attend. You reach your goals and live your high school life to the fullest.

Josephinum means a lot to me. haven't been here that long but the time that I'm spending here is amazing.They inspire girls to reach their dreams. They make them strive for wha they want. So many girls graduated going to the college of their dreams,and I know Josephinum Academy is the school that's going to take me there.

Josephinum Memory

A Memory You Can't Forget

By:Aduell Smith

Ms.Briskman is an excellent English teacher who works here at Josephinum Academy. This year she is working with young intelligent freshman girls. This year has been an exciting year for Ms.Briskman. Thankyou for giving us this talent to write.

Aduell: Why are you interested in writing?

Ms.Briskman: I believe that writing is the most useful tool you can have in life. To be able to communicate and express to others.

Aduell: What made you become a teacher?

Ms.Briskman: I had a really awesome class, my junior year in high school called American Studies,and I had two teachers and they loved teaching so much and did really interesting things in the classroom and they made me realize that teaching can be different and creative,and it's not one way that you can teach.

Aduell: What is it that you like about teaching freshman?

Ms.Briskman: I like that I'm their very first teacher at Josehinum,so that means I get to teach how I want to teach them and they haven't been taught that already.

Aduell: Who inspired you to become a teacher?

Ms.Briskman: My mother was a teacher so she definitely had an influence on me and really just all the passionate teachers throughout my life. I loved how teachers would bring their own personality into the classroom and use that. That's what I tried to do, stay true to myself.

Aduell: Was there anything else that you wanted to do besides teach writing?

Ms.Briskman: When I was in high school I wanted to be a lawyer because my dad was a lawyer,and then I just got led to teaching education. Education was the path that I ended up going on.

Aduell: What is the best memory you had at Josephinum?

Ms.Briskman: "This I Believe" show case. Seeing the girls stand up in front of a group of people and share their most intimate memory was so brave. That I will never forget.

Aduell: If you could change one thing about your teaching what would it be?

Ms.Briskman: I would like to focus more on skills. Even though some students don't get it, I would like to just continue to work with them on it.

Aduell: Do you see yourself teaching at Josephinum in the next 5 to 10 years?

Ms.Briskman: I see myself always in education whether that means creating curriculum,or teaching at a school. It might be at Josephinum,but education will always be in my life.

Have A Good Day!

Saying Goodbye

This is a sad memory for all of us. The Josephinum Girls Class of 2014 finally say good-bye to their last days of being at Josephinum. They had a fabulous year with teachers and close friends.  They will be missed truly but they will always be apart of Josephinum. Finished their years completely completing all their work. Even though the weather was horrible, they still managed to do what they had to do. They finished out their year strong and hard.



Attending a small school gives you a better opportunity to accomplish your dreams and goals. At a small school there's more space, you're not crowded around a bunch of people. You also get to communicate one-on-one with your teachers, not worried about another person knowing your business. Overall there's more opportunity and more freedom and you get to live your high school life to the fullest.

Here at my school, Josephinum, we are a small school. There are not a lot of students in one classroom, and we have a lot of different clubs and programs. You get to do a lot of things and learn a lot of things. Attending a small school is not the worse things that can happen. Its the best thing that could happen. You should try it.

These pictures are filled with close friends that grew up together. They will be missed if they decide to go on to college.

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