UTA Feild Trip

November 4,2014
Litzy Navarro


My first thought when I got to UTA was that i was going to have fun and learn knew things about colleges.  The thing I mostly enjoyed about the field-trip was the science show they had because it involved so many things that were really cool.  My favorite part was when they put fire on the teachers hands I liked it because ive never seen someone do that with their hands.  For next year's tour it would be nice for the AVID 8th graders to go to TCC so we can see the diffrences between all the colleges and how better they could be.  So that we will know that there is more than one choice to go for colleges like it would also be nice if we went to TCU.  But when one of my first thoughts when I got to UTA was that it was really big and i wanted to go to that university one day.  What i didn't like about the fieldtrip is that we didn't get to take the campus tour because of the rain.

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