Reform Movements

By: Bradley Franklin

Temperance Movement

People in America were over consuming alcoholic substances, causing many people to believe that these immoral behaviors would cause a problem in the political system. Religious characters believed that these actions would cause God to be against America even with moral decisions. People who wanted to change the actions simply want to lessen alcoholic substances or even outlaw them. Carry Nation was a large part in making an organized movement for temperance. Josephine Bateman was the first president of the organized committee located in Ohio, many women are involved in the movement, because they were concerned for the safety of their family. So far no nationwide movement has been made, but they have made small changes in communities.

Prison and Asylum Reform

Dorothea Dix taught Sunday school at a prison one day, seeing what was done there changed her. She what was truly happening behind bars, and seeing the truth made her want to not make it so. She wants all prisoners to have fair contidions and she thinks debtors shouldn't be jailed. She worked with many people, someone important being Philipe Pinel who she borrowed some work from. After two years of hard work she went to public with her information, which helped get her work successfully published.


Horace Mann had some education throughout his childhood, but he had more than the average kid. With the lack of education and the recent rise in rebellious kids people thought they needed public education, that is what Horace Mann was after. The group obviously wanted to get free public schools provided by the government through taxes. Prudence Crandall did the unexpected, she tried to school black girls, this didn't work out well for her, because she was jailed. Much progress has been made for making public schools public to the general.

Women's Rights

Women's right has never been heard of before, they were treated like slaves, they couldn't speak freely in public. That is how Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton met while fighting for freeing slaves. After meeting each other they knew they had to fix the problem with how women where treated. As these women worked together they got followers, mainly women were trying to do this for themselves. They have worked hard and gotten girls' schools and getting women into medical schools.


Some people have always thought that owning people is wrong, and that is what this group is working toward, freeing slaves. Fredrick Douglis was someone to speak out against these crimes, but there was something different, he was an African American. He was a great success in convincing people of what they should do about trying to free slaves. William Garrison was one of the first people to publicly show his hatred for slavery. Abolition has made a great success in recruiting people to join the cause of it, they have successfully freed a few slaves.

Family Decision

My family has talked this over for a long time and we decided that having a greater education for us kids is most important. We don't need to worry about alcohol ise in the family, we also don't have any worry about anyone in our family in jail. We feel that women's rights is important but it will be no use without a proper education. Since much of our economy is based on slavery we don't want to mess with it, but we do not agree with the concept. Education will help the kids now and in the future, we need to have a proper education so that this nation can succeed.

Carry Nation
Josephine Bateman
Dorothea Dix
Philipe Pinel
Horace Mann
Prudence Crandall
Lucretia Mott
Elizabeth Stanton
William Garrison
Frederick Douglas

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