If I wanted to travel in time I would pick the 80's

One day I woke up and it was a normal day until I went to get dressed, the clothes that I had in my closet weren't in there anymore. Instead they were clothes that I never had before. In my closet/drawer were bell bottom jeans, high-wasted pants, peasant shirts and dresses that were very colorful and bright. When I was done with my morning routine I went outside to take a walk, while I was outside I saw a lot of other people who were dressed similar to me and everyone treated each other how they wanted themselves to be treated. While I was walking I saw my friend Ashley, so I went over there to her. Ashley had on a colorful dress that was about 4 inches below her knee. When I went over to her she asked me if I wanted to walk with her in the park and i said yeah. While we were on our way to the park we had saw a puppy in the middle of the road. The puppy looked like it need help. Ashley and I couldn't resist but get it. When we got the dog it didn't have a tag on it so we took it to the animal shelter. After we dropped the puppy off at the animal shelter it was 6:45 p.m.,so Ashley came over to my house. Since it was almost summer break I asked Ashley's parents if she was allowed to come with my family to the Bahamas and they said YES!!!!!!

It is the next day and we were getting ready to eat breakfast at the Waffle House. I don't usually eat breakfast but today I was hungry this morning. While we were in the car I asked Ashley if she knew anything about traveling in time. "NO why?" said Ashley. I said because it seemed like one day I was in 2015 and now I am in the 1980's . Ashley's face started getting red. "Ashelyyyy, tell me do u really know something about traveling in time." I asked. Ashely said yes I do. Then she continued on talking about her little brothers watch and how it made everyone travel back into time. "Woah......Wait. Your brother has a watch that can make everyone fo back into time." I asked. She said yes. I asked her how we can go back to 2015 and she said we have to get my brother's watch. She started explaining how you had to take the stick on the watch and fast forward it to 2015. I said GREAT, well when we come back home from the Waffle House we can go to your house and get your brothers watch and go back to 2015. " Excellent idea, I'm pretty sure that my brother will be about to go to his friends house so we can get it when he leaves. " says Ashley. Okay I said back to her.

We are back at our house from the Waffle House. Ashley and I went over to her house and the door was locked. "How are we gonna get in now." I said. Ashley reached over somewhere near her door and unlocked the door with a key. Ashley started calling her brothers name and there was no response. Ashley told me to go upstairs into her room. While I was in Ashley's room she went to go get the watch of her brothers. When she came back with the watch we sat on her bed and fixed the watch to where we can go back to 2015. (Traveling back to the future)

"I am so glad I am back in the present." says Ashley. "Me too." I said. My mom drove me back to the house and it was completely normal. When I went upstairs to my room the clothes were back. Ashley texted me and told me she buried the watching her backyard where no one can find it. I texted back and said good. I put my phone down and started working on my essay for English.

I just finished presenting my essay about the 80's. I feel like I did awesome on that essay definitely since I has actually visited the 80's. Well bye guys I hoped you enjoyed my story about traveling back into the 80's.

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