A little something about Shordy

My name is Emaje, but you can call me Shordy, everybody calls me shordy ( or Maje lol.) Its all about softball over this way. You'll see a little 5'0 girl playing second base and center field wearing the number 34 , and you'll already know that that's me. Softball has been in the family since forever, and it still is between my father and I. As you can see my favorite color is pink! I love running and all that good stuff. Food is my everything, If I could marry food I would. I'm in JROTC and flag for WHS , and I'm playing softball soon as it start. You'll see me twriling the flag and also dancing on Friday nights because I have a little dance in me, and I am already a sergeant in JROTC and the squad leader for the fourth squad. Other than softball my favorite season is football, mainly because i get in for free being in color guard. I'm so real when it comes to people. Like I can be the sweetest person ever, I would help someone in their darkest hour; however, cross me once and I'll stunt on you forever. I do hair all the time, mainly braiding but I also do relaxers. Lord have mercy some people need them the way them edges be looking, but I'm not here to judge. I'm really good in science, I am very serious when it comes to my grades, and of course math is my worst subject in the history of subjects. I rap a little, but my voice is way too squeaky to be taken serious, and I laugh wayyyyyyyyyyy too much! I'm way too goofy. Like I will be crying laughing at something that happened last week and everybody would be looking at me like I'm crazy. I'm done with typing right now, yea that's about it

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