52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 32/Album 32

Who: Fat Music For Fat People - The 1st Fat Wreck Chords Compilation

When : 1994

Why:  This compilation is the grandfather of all punk rock compilations to me. It introduced me to 10 new bands, that most of would become my favorite bands.  Fat Music for Fat People was the first compilation the record company "Fat Wreck Chords", from San Francisco.

Thanks to the Face To Face record that said "send in for a catalog"....and getting a catalog and this compilation in return.  

This compilation was in my hands early in my Sophomore year of High School, and I played it on the way to a high school football game for my friends Scott and John (with whom we had just started a band) and this comp was a game changer for us. Different speeds of punk rock. The ultra fast beats of Propaghandi, Good Riddance, No Use For A Name and Strung Out. The snotty but hilarious words of Lagwagon and Nofx. The growls of Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Cinder Block of Tilt.  The bassline of the 88 Fingers Louie song (am I right?!?!) and my favorite song on the album, 2rak005 by Bracket. The laziest voice in punk rock!  Not to mention there was aband called Guns N' Wankers. The album has some of the best sing alongs in punk rock.

This compilation started my obsession with finding more bands and finding out how to listen to more music, and finding more music. This comp led to other great comps like Lookout Records' "can of Pork" and "Heidi Sez", Epitaph's Punk-O-Rama, "Punk Sucks" by Liberation Records (which got me to the first Warped Tour) and Victory Records' "Victory Style"

This (and these) compilations were my Spotify, my Pandora, and everything else. They changed the way I found music, and I wouldnt have heard most of the bands without them.