How can one person change the world?

Martin Luther King Jr.

"I have a dream" said by Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever heard of Martin Luther King jr? He had many great qualitys. He was a great leader,and very courageous, also he was very thoughtfull. He was a great man,and did many good things.I think he was a tramindis person.

Martin Luther King jr was a very passionate leader. He wrote a letter in the Birmingham jail to the preachers. Saying that the blacks are always going to be second class citizens unless some one stands up for them selfs. After that they let him out off jail. Then he had his I had a dream speech. On April 4 1968 mlk jr was assassinated.

Martin was a very thoughtfull person. Even though that whites and blacks didn't play with each other,he had two white mates when he was 11. There parents didn't like his color. They had to stop there children from playing with Martin. Martin didn't mind there color.

Martin was also very courageous. In 1963 he wasn't afraid to say what he thought was right in the I had a dream speech. Earlier in his life he became president in the scisc. Short for southern Christian leadership conference. Most people wouldn't have the courage to do that.

Now I have told you how Martin is a leader. Also how he is very courageous, and thoughtfull. He was one of the most remembered people in the u.s. He did many good things, but did not get all of the credit he deserved. These are the reasons why mlk is a great leader.

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