Stone Doors Business
by Mason Squyres

Business Description

Have you ever heard of my business on Jupiter?My business is called m and s doors.What I am selling comes in many shapes,sizes and colors.These colors,shapes and sizes are the best.My business provides four types of doors.These four can protect you.These doors are big and wide.One is so wide that it is five feet.I made this business because Jupiter has big rocks.Overall this business is great.  

Pricing page

Colors of doors

Green doors$5:00

Red doors$10:00

Purple doors$9:00

Shapes of doors

Square doors$20:00

Rectangle doors$15:00

Circle doors$25:00


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Jupiter solar system21421



You should come to my business because it has the best doors in the world.These doors are security proof. They will protect your family from bandits and robbers.These doors come in many colors. They can camouflage itself for protection . These doors can be huge. The doors can be over five feet tall.