Sub-Saharan Africa Overpopulation By: Jared Ezzell

Sahara Africa is growing in less developed areas. So much in fact that the population is increasing 2.5% annually. This is caused by a decline in children mortality rates and a high fertility rate. African women average 5.5 children a life time, which is a lot. This is causing problems in Africa; people have to fight over scarce resources and it is also effecting the environment. With more population comes more waste that needs to be disposed of which often happens in lakes, ruining water resources.

The area could start to run out of room and overpopulate. You could start to find more people living on the streets, due to lack of housing. You would also find more people in poverty because the more people there are, the harder it is to find a job. This could eventually affect the US because with so many people living in Africa they would start to use up natural resources that we cannot get back, for ex. fossil fuels.

Ways African governments are fixing the problem involve a few different strategies. One way is a population policy, today 25 countries in Africa have population policies. Another way they are helping is putting family planning programs in the health systems of countries, trying to get families to plan more for the future. I think both of those idea would work very well if followed.

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