Syria: The Water Crisis

This graph shows the population of the 3 Countries involved in the water crisis. Syria has the lowest population.
This graph shows the population of all three countries over time. The populations are all expected to greatly increase.
Thier Available Water!
Water use!
What water is used for is shown above. In Syria, both the industry and the people need a lot more water.


Overall, Syria clearly has an issue with water, and so do some of its neighbors. The three countries involved in this crisis are Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.  Turkey has the biggest population, Iraq has the second biggest, and Syria has the smallest. Thier populations, as the graphs show, are all expected to climb higher, and along with it, the demand for more water. This problem isn't disappearing, it's getting worse, and needs to be solved. Syria relies on water flowing into it's country for 73% of its water needs, and this means that outher countries cannot disrupt the flow by building dams. We can tell a lot from the graphs above, and we see that Syria not only has a huge problem, but desperately depends on and needs the water flowing in from other countries. Syria is in grave need of water for thier people and industries. Thier agricultural use takes up 95% of water use  to grow food on Syria's poor land. They need more water, and this crisis gets worse each day. A solution is needed, and it must be fair. Syria wants a mathematical formula based off of a committee formed by representatives from each country. Action must take place, pot else little hope remains for these middle eastern nations.

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