Jacob Smith

My name is Jacob and I like to play sports! My favorite sport is football by far!  I attend Girard High School as a Freshman! This summer went by so fast but it was the best summer ever!  Last school year I went on vacation to Washington D.C.  I have one brother named Justin.  

Three Things About Me


I like to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play on Sunday!  My favorite player is Le'veon Bell! I've been to four Steeler games in my life!

LeBron James

I like watching basketball!  My favorite basketball player is by far LeBron James!  He plays basketball for the Cleveland Cavilers! He went straight to the NBA out of high school instead of going to college!

Miguel Cabrera

My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers! My favorite baseball player on the team is by far Miguel Cabrera!  Miguel Cabrera was the triple crown winner three times in a row!

My Goals

My first goal is to get all A's and B's this school year! I will accomplish that by studying almost every night! My second goal is to get perfect attendance this school year! I will accomplish that goal my staying healthy and by staying away from things that will get me sick!  My final goal of the school year is to get an A in  English because it is my weakest subject.  This will be accomplished by me doing all my homework, showing up everyday on time, listening in class, and studying for every test/quiz!

I would love to go to....

I would love to visit Austin Texas!  I would to love to visit Austin Texas because my really good friend who I knew since I was 4 just recently moved there this summer.  Austin Texas is also a very big town and it would be nice to walk around and explore it!

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