Government enforcing Constitution

Emma Johnson
All subjects based off of USA Today

Obamas launch plan to get more low-income kids to college

This article supports and is evidence that the government is trying to secure the blessings of liberty.

"I'm doing this because that story of opportunity through education is the story of my life," Michelle Obama said.

The government is trying to make it so low income families can try to send their children to college at a easier expense, so that their children can have a large range of options, instead of staying with the limited.

First Thoughts: Beginning to preview Obama's State of the Union

The government is trying to form a more perfect union, by improving the union that already exists. “The president will use every tool he can to create new jobs and opportunities for the middle class." The federal government will partner with local communities to create jobs. As part of Obama's resolution.

By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro

The clock starts on Iran nuclear dea

This shows the government trying to "Provide for the common defense" by trying to eliminate any possibility of other countries having nuclear weapons. This is why they've been working with Iran to try and rid the country of any nukes. In the selection I read it said; "The United States remains committed to using strong and disciplined diplomacy to reach a peaceful resolution that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,"

said White House spokesman Jay Carney