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Ontario wilderness

Lets start with why i made this Tackk  it is a study of the setting of the book  The Incredible Journey. I thought my fellow book club members should know what is the wilderness  of the book.

The setting is northwestern Ontario. Ontario has many lakes which is its main power source .So most likely the posy will run into many lakes.There are mines there from prospectors looking for minerals. so they might run into prospectors or even go into a mine.  

Ontario has long winters and short winters.It has a average rainfall of 27 inches in the January it has the average for 20 and in July 69.

There are Indians in the forest of Ontario called the pow wow tribe.This Indian tribe is one of the nicest tribes and always welcomes visitors. so i think the adventures will do well when they encounter the pow wows.

Ontario is filled with wilderness and with that comes wildlife.There are moose witch are very common.As well as beavers so they could meet a beaver or even its dam. Oh yes and bears bears are extremely common so they must encounter at least 3 of them.