TIP #1 Don't share your password

You shouldn't share your passwords because if you do the person you tell might go tell others and they might tell the wrong person or you might be telling the wrong person yourself.

TIP #2 Don't meet up with people you meet  online

Don't meet up with people you meet online because although they say their are the same age and their picture looks like someone your age they could be total creeps trying to kidnap you and possibly even harm you in bad ways that could kill you or scar you for life.

TIP #3 Get parents permission

Get you parents permission before getting on new websites because you  never if their hacked and your being watched by someone while your playing the game. You should also ask parents permission before talking to people online and send them pictures of your self.

TIP #4 Don't cyber-bully

Don't cyber-bully it isn't cool and if someone reports you then you could get in trouble with people online and maybe even the cops if its bad enough.

TIP #5  Once It's Out There You Can't Take It Back.

Be careful what you post because just because you delete it doesn't mean the computer world hasn't you post anything and it's there forever and that bad because you might post the wrong thing and try deleting it but instead it's floating in the cyberspace of the internet and some hacker reaches in and finds it then hacks you account it's under you  could get in big trouble for anything you post then try deleting it because facebook,twitter,snapchat,tumblr,google+,youtubbe,skype,ETC... They all see eveything you post or comment even if you delete it so word of the wise don't say anything you wouldn't say in the open.

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