Atomic theory

By: Bekah hernandez


  • Democritus was alive 460 B.C. - 370 B.C.
  • Was a Greek philosopher
  • He had no formal education and learned from his travels through out Greece
  • wealth
  • noble Greece
  • nicked named the laughing philosopher
  • looked for wisdom


  • Lived in 384 B.C. - 322 B.C.
  • Was one of the most influential Greek philosophers
  • Was educated at the Plato academy in Athens for nearly 20 years
  • spouse pythias



492 BCE - Democritus' Discovery 1 Jan 200

  • he thought that all matter in an empty space has a different appearance
  • atoms determine properties
  • believed atoms were mechanically bound  


332 BCE - Aristotle's Discovery 1 Jan 200

  • he rejected Democritus atomic theory and didn't think atoms move through empty spaces because he didn't think that empty spaces existed
  • he believed that all  matter consisted of four element of Earths air, water, and fire  


  • atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter.
  • atoms are made up of elements
  • the number of protons of an atom are the atomic number
  • every atom has a nucleus situated at the center
  • the force of a chemical bond is what holds atoms together in molecules
  • They are every small particles that make up the universe  

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