my summer 2014!!

The first thing that I did this summer was celebrating my 12th b-day!! It was awesome. we made video stars had fire works had glow sticks and ate a hole bunch of junk food😋 it was really fun. I wish I could do it all over again.  

The next thing I did this summer was I went to the X with my best friend Lexi. It was her b-day. We had a blast we went on so many rides I can't remember how many. We were there for a total of 6 hours!!!! We stayed there until 10:30pm.

Another thing I did this summer was toabing with my friend Lexi. we went over huge waves it was a lot of fun. And right in the middle of it Lexi and I went over a huge wave from a boat and lexi fell off doing a back flip in the water. It was so funny that we'll I was laughing so hard I fell off to.

A lot of my spare time in the summer I went four wheeling with my dad or my friends. We go in all the trails and it is so much fun! One time we went on this huge rock hill going down and in the middle was a river about 2 feet deep and we road down into it and back up again.  

Another thing I did this summer was the Strutt modelling camp. We got to have photo shoots and met Conner Cowie  from the movie zapped. Also we got to be part of the be you tiful campane.

                                                     And that was my summer... #jsps

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