Digital Citizenship

           What is good digital citizenship? Good digital citizenship is protecting  your identity, your privacy, interacting on social media, cyber bully, staying safe, and what your responsibility is. Lets start with protecting your identity. Well first you are not to give out private information, such as passwords and pictures. Now privacy,  don’t give out information, some sites just want money and are inappropriate Now interacting on social media do not send bad pictures to anyone or bad things to anyone. Next cyber bullying the person that is cyber bullying just wants attention. Sometimes cyber bullying can involve the cops. Then staying safe. Keep identity a secret. Be extra careful with strangers. Tell somebody that you trust if something is wrong. Protect your passwords. And be nice to people. Finally what is your responsibility. Your responsibility is to save the bad messages, pictures, and texts. Tell somebody that you trust if something is wrong. Now do you know what digital citizenship is?

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