3rd Grade Newsletter
August 31, 2015

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                                     Stoney Creek Elementary (980) 344-1030

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Your 3rd Grade Team

Important Dates

  Sept. 4 - MAP Reading

Sept. 9 or 10 - BOG Test

Sept. 15 - MAP Math

Sept. 25 - Individual Picture Day

News From The Teacher

Please make sure you turn in all the signed forms from the student handbook.

Check your chid's homework and sign his/her agenda every night.

Get logged in to PowerSchool to be able to check your child's grades.  If you don't know how to log in, please contact the front office.


žBalanced Literacy:

Independent Reading, Supported Reading, Word Work, Writing

This week we will be discussing setting, major and minor characters, how characters feel and determining the problem of a story. Students will be looking for these story elements as they read during independent reading and stopping and jotting on sticky notes.


žInstruction based on Common Core Standards using the Investigations math program.

žAdding and subtracting two, three, and four digit numbers

žWe are reviewing adding and subtracting and how to solve word problems.  There will be an assessment on these skills Friday, September 4.  Students will use C.U.B.E.S. to solve word problems and show their work by using the break apart method, number line, and base ten pictures.


žScientific Method & Science Notebooks

We will begin learning about what is means to be a scientist and how scientists experiment using the scientific method.

Social Studies

Harcourt Social Studies: People Who Make a Difference

Citizens and Government

We will begin by what it means to be a Responsible Citizen. Students will think of what responsible citizens can do to make a difference in their communities.

Please begin saving soda cans, liter bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc...  We will be working on a recycling project.


  • Students will read daily for 20 minutes and record their reading on a reading log.  The parent/guardian must initial the reading log everyday.
  • Comprehension worksheets will be sent home once a week that will focus on the reading strategy of the week.
  • Math homework will be assigned daily.  The math homework will either come from the Student Activity Book (SAB) or worksheet.  Math homework will be an extension of what your child learned in the classroom that day or a review.
  • Word Work will be assigned everyday.  Your child will bring home either spelling  words or vocabulary.  Check with your child's teacher to see what your child's teacher will send home.