American Cities With Greek Names
Brenisha Rayford

Athens, Louisiana

Facts About Athens, Louisiana: Athens was named after Athena, Goddess of wisdom and warfare.  In The 19th Century, the university of Georgia named the surrounding area Athens honoring the city that was home to academy of Plato and Aristotle, a center of Greek Learning.

Meaning Of Athens: Capital of Greece in the East-Central plain. named after the Goddess of wisdom.

Olympia, Washington

Facts About Olympia,Washington: Olympia was an ancient religious sanctuary located in southern Greece.  The Site of Olympic games begun in the 18th century before Christ was born. Mount Olympus itself was given its name in 1788 by English explorer who thought the mountain magnificent enough  to be a dwelling for the Gods.

Meaning of Olympia,Washington: olympia was named after the nearby Mount Olympus. The tallest peak in the Olympic mountain range.

Troy, Kansas

Facts About Troy,Kansas: Troy was a legendary city made famous in the stories of ancient Greece. in the Ii and  and the Odyssey  epic poems attributed  homer in the 18th century.  The site of Troy layered  with the remains of successive cities.

Meaning of Troy,Kansas:  the city was named After the Greek son Troy. Troy was incorporated as an ancient city in 1860.


Facts About Alexandria,Virginia: Alexandria was founded in Egypt 332 before Christ was born by the Greek leader one of history's greatest general Alexander the Great. Alexandria linked Greece Egypt's prosperous Nile Valley and flourished in the ancient world as a center for trade and culture.

Meaning of Alexandria,Virginia: The city was known for its great library. The light house of alexandria one o f the seven wonder of ancient worlds.

Troy, Alabama

Facts About Troy,Alabama: Troy was a legendary  made famous in the stories of Ancient Greece.The odyssey epic poem attributed to homer in the 18th century.

Meaning of Troy,Alabama: Troy was layered with the remain of different cities. Anatolia region of the northern turkey


Facts About Corinth,Michigan: Corinth was a Greek city-state on the Isthmus Corinth.According to myth is was founded by corinthos a descendant of the Sun god Helios.

Meaning of Corinth,Michigan: corinth gave its name to the corinthian column, the third greek order after the doric and Ionic.


Facts About Sparta,Wisconsin:  Sparta southern Greece was founded by the Dorians in the 10th century.It grew over centuries trying to conquer neighbors to gain land and power.

Meaning of sparta,Wisconsin: luxury-loving culture sparta became one of the world's  first superpowers. concerned with military maintaining.


Facts About Delphi,Indiana: Delphi is located on mount parnassus. it is the most important oracle in the ancient greek world.

Meaning of Delphi,Indiana:the site of the olympus stone is in the center or the earth and universe.


Facts About Crete,Illinois: Crete is the largest Greek Island and the center of Aegean. it also became the first civilization of the Aegean World.

Meaning of Crete,Illinois: Crete was the prosperous and the peacefulness of Illinois. it aso is located in the township of sparta.

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