Recommendation Letter

                                                                                                                          April 30, 3013

To: Clark Atlanta’s Public Relations Student Society

From: Kiarra Scruggs, and Melanie Blackmon

Subject: PR Day 2013-2014


  This letter is in reference to this year’s PR Day event as well as next years. We first would like to congratulate you on your successful outcome, and look forward to a great year within the organization next year. PR Day made a huge impact on students, and the result of this semester’s last meeting proved this. An evaluation of the student’s attitudes was assessed after the event and research has shown that students really enjoyed the intimate atmosphere, panelist, the case study game as well as the networking opportunities.

Although PR Day was a huge success we believe that the outcome for next year’s event can be greater. We understand that there were a lot of last minute alterations and misfortunes due to the amount of time giving to plan the event so we have come up with a plan to better assist members throughout the process. We recommend focusing on PR day during the fall semester by setting time bound goals that will stretch into the s

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