Doubly Wise Man

by Angelyn Serici
Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Map of Australia

Map of Africa

Map of Asia

Map of Europe

Physical Description

Doubly Wise Man had a big rounded skull with a large brain (witch means he was really smart because he had a big brain). He also had small teeth and slender bones. Slender means skinny so Doubly Wise Man was very skinny.

Where they lived that helped survive?

Doubly Wise Man lived in Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe. They made tools that was used to survive. Some of the tools he made was hooks, spears, bow and arrows, and needles. Doubly Wise Mans tools that he made helped hunt animals for food.

Special capabilities that helped their group survive?

Special capabilities that helped Doubly Wise Man group survive was painting in caves. They painted in caves so they could express there feeling, make musical instruments, and contribute a complex of languages. That helped Doubly Wise Mans group survive by doing though things.

Bonus Cave Art Pictures

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