December 3, 1608

To: Maurice Richard, Paris, France

From: Lucille Richard of Lot 7, New France

Dear Maurice, life here in New France is very unique, and very different to life in France. Living in New France is a lot of hard work as it involves a tremendous amount of farming and hunting as we are a self-sufficient colony. Our lifestyle revolves around the seasons. In the cold, harsh winters we try to stay warm and do our best to survive. In the spring we plant our seeds, raise our livestock, and construct buildings to strengthen the colony and attract more people. In the summer we spend our time maintaining our crops, feeding our animals, and harvesting some crops. In the autumn months we store our animals and crops, and preserve our food to ensure it does not go bad throughout the winter. Hunting is essential throughout all the seasons. The Aboriginals have taught us how to be successful hunters. They were intimidating at first, but are peaceful people who have taught us a lot and know the land very well. They have taught us to hold children in high regard, and that children represent promise.They have also taught us the importance of family. In New France, family life is at the centre of the tight knit community. The home is the primary place for socializing, and we entertain ourselves by playing cards and music. Religion is still an important part of our lives in New France. The Catholic Church educates  the youth academically and morally. I miss France very much, especially you, brother, and mother, and father. Although I miss France very much, New France is my home now and is filled with new opportunities as women are able to become entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, in the near future I plan on forming my own textile company! I miss the family very much and hope all is well. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Love, Lucille Richard

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