Persuasive Essay

We need good people. All we hear about now on the news is just bad stuff because there is just bad stuff going on. Why cant we have more good things happening in this world? Cause there's not really any good people. The reputation of being a bad person is adding up and we need to fix that. We need good people!

Good People help stop bad things from happening. They try to be positive all the time and look at the bright side which is what we need, more positive people. People that want to change bad people ways of thinking and have there good side come out and help the movement. Good people help us have nothing to worry about when in reality that's mostly what we need, is to worry less but we worry so much because of a bad person you know or an incident and it's all because of a bad person and that's why we need more good people in this world to start speaking up.

  Furthemore, we need good people in this world so we can spread and show people a better path and help spread this wonderful outcome like a wildfire among others. Also, cause there Is just pure bad people in this world we can barely even notice the ones trying to help others. We only see the bad people people because they're out numbering the good people.

In conclusion, we need good people because it can help make the world become a better not just for themselves, but for others.

Letter Of Recondmendation

For Whom It may Concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Genesis Kell. Gen is a close co-worker that ran the runway with me in a forever 21 fashion show.

When she told me she wanted to pursue on to her dream job as a SUPERMODEL I was so happy for her because she is by far one of the best models I know.

I know she will make it far, even maybe to be a model at Victoria secret ! that is how good she is. She is very dedicated and a hard worker and always makes sure her body is in shape and she takes care of herself with clean eating and working out !

she is very persistence and never gives up on her goals. She always makes sure shes striving for the best, no matter how hard the situation is.

Cover Letter

Venae Gonzalez

539993 Owl Point

El Paso, Tx. 79938

Venae Gonzalez

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, English Teacher


38436 Elm street.

El Paso, TX 79935

Dear Miguel Trevizo,

Hi, my name is Venae Gonzalez and I am applying for the position of becoming a crime scene investigator ! I am a very hard worker and I am also very persistence and never give up on my goals.

I make sure I do my job right and that it is always at 110%.  I make sure to always try my hardest and do my best no matter what.


Venae Gonzalez


43774 Teirra Serelararf RD.

I am trying to become a crime scene investigator.


Bill Sybert: Kinder-5th

Hernando 6th-8th

El dorado: 9th-12th


Babysitter: from November 2012-february 2015

I am a responsible, organized and caring people. I am persistence and never give up on my goals and ambitions.

Job Application

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