All information was found @ world wildlife.org

Wwf was founded by many men but for my information I found Carter Roberts .

what they do : They work to stop the degrading of our planets natural environment and build a future in which humans and nature live in harmony with each other.

when do they work : 24/7 they are always on the clock .

where are they located : their offices are all around the world in over 5 other countries , but their main office is located in Washington D.C.

why do they do what they do : To stop degradation of the planets natural environment and to build a better future.

how do they do what they do : By doing work , protest, and charity work to raise money for their causes .


WWF is one of the world largest conservation organizations.

WWF was conceived on April 29th 1961.

WWF first office opened in September 1961 in the Swiss town of Morges, But is now located in Gland Switzerland.

WWF is an independent foundation, registered under Swiss law.

WWF employes around 6,200 full time staff.

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