The Gender Pay Gap: Easy to Politicize, Difficult to Fix

By Tierney Sneed and Andrew Soergel

Published April 13, 2015

Summary of Story/Link

The Gender Pay Gap is separating equality between the two genders, Males, and females. There still has not been any effort recently to close the pay gap even more. “The numbers suggest pay is more equal for younger women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in December estimated women 16-24 years old earned more than 88 percent of what their male counterparts did in 2013. Women 25-34 years old earned nearly 90 percent what men did.” The pay gap does not seem like that big of a deal at younger ages, but when you are older, such as 45 to 54 years of age, the pay gap is 77 percent of what men make. This significant difference is what the pay gap problem faces.

Explanation of Concepts

This is economic decision because it involves the use of money, and how it is distributed among the males and females of the United States. Public Policy is also another concept because all of the females, and some males are against it, but the government claims they cannot change it that easily without it hurting the economy, and that ties back to economic decisions. The final concept of the gender pay gap is demographics because they have statistical proof that there is a Gender Pay Gap between males and females. They have statistics to back up what is happening.