Ireland Global Village:
We have studied the current events of Ireland during the 2014-2015 school year, and determined four major issues.

#1- Water Transportation

The Irish government is addressing the water issues by fixing the transportation of the water. They are doing this by charging more bills to citizens for money to fix pipes with leaks and the other transportation. Two billion dollars from water charges and the government is projected to be used for funding the construction over the next five years. Another way they are fixing transportation is by sending workmen from the big cities like Dublin, to the countryside. This helps because many people are not getting water because of leaks in pipes. These workmen that are employed by numerous construction companies will monitor pipes and fix the minor issues until the pipes are fixed officially.

#2- Water Quality

Water is an issue in Ireland because the people of Ireland are suffering because of the Distribution, Water quality, and economic impact. This is all because of the tariffs the government put on tap water in 2014. The people of Ireland are still mad about it. The main reason the government did this is because they are in debt as a country and need more money. But this is bad news for the people that cannot afford water. This world cloud shows the main keywords that relate to this problem Ireland has.

#3- International Debt

This political cartoon represents Ireland economy. The Irish Government has a public debt of 232 billion U.S. dollars. They are the fourth largest country in debt to their GDP ratio (total income yearly). More than 100% of their yearly income is in debt to other countries. They are in debt to many countries around the world. They are even in debt to Jordan.

#4- Unemployment Issues

Ireland has been known for having a really high unemployment rate.Over the past year, Ireland has made a huge jump from 12% of unemployment to 10% in March. The info graph shows the unemployment rate of each country in Europe. This really is not a problem in Ireland because Ireland is solving the problem. The jump really resembles Ireland.

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