Struts2 JQuery or Dojo, not a hard choice

As the Apache Struts has lowered the Dojo plugin from Struts 2.1 many of the developers have made their mind for shifting everything to jQuery. While doing so, they specially notices the variation in sizes (170kb vs 19kb above). One may experience little troubles with the IE browser with handling dojo scripts.

Some times this happens with jQuery too (when you works for a longer period of time, sometimes the script stops functioning)?

The biggest problem one faces is that the tree tag doesn´t exist in jquery. In such a case, it is recommended to keep the old dojo tags for that part which has already resulted in a lot of conflicts between dojo and jquery.

Changing ALL tags at once to jquery in order to avoid unusual behavior is recommended here.

Many developers advise jQuery. They say that they found Dojo a bit intrusive and switched to jQuery with which it becomes a lot more easier as it only uses the standard HTML markup instead of adding it's own tags like Dojo does. Also you can find out a ton more documentation for jQuery then Dojo.

On eZdia, you can seek live advices from Experts on Struts2 jQuery. Numerous articles have been posted on Struts 2 Framework, you can also find full working code for jQuery Plugin.

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