James's Poetry

Unicorn Rampage

One-million unicorns started a rampage

Then the great mage caught them in a cage

All of a sudden rainbows sprouted everywhere

Then the mage could see his underwear

Then naked goes the mage as his skin turns beige

Dragons are Coming

Raging, and Clawing

Flames fly up everywhere

Burns things to ashes

Acrostic Poem

Jumpy most of the time

Always drawing


Educationally Gifted

Scared of spiders

Diamond Poem


          Glittering, colorful

     Prancing, Neighing, Stampeding

Rainbows, horns, fire, pitchforks

       Clawing, laughing, Rampaging

                  evil, monstrous


My Important Thing

The important thing of a Rubik's Cube is entertainment. Yes it is multicolored,and it can twist and turn. But sometimes it consumes time. It does have boring algorithms It's also made of plastic and makes you think. But the important thing of the Rubik's cube is entertainment.

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