Wandaly's Music Memory List

W. C Handy

Do you know who William Christopher Handy is? Handy lived in Alabama with his mother and father. Handy’s parents were really poor. When William was small he worked tons of jobs to earn money to buy a guitar. You see William did not get to have a lot of things that other kids got to have like toys or get to eat in fancy restaurants.William had finally got enough money to buy his guitar.

Years pass and W.C. Handy started his career of writing songs. It all started when he left his home and went to rent a room with a piano.Handy heard laughing,singing and shouting.All of those sounds reminded Handy of his life when he was a child. Handy was writing a song called St.Louis Blues. When he was writing his song he says that it was writing itself. When he was done he immediately published “St.Louis Blues”. When he turned it in he received over $4,000 for the song “St.Louis Blues”. And that was when he was known as the “father of the Blues”.

What I think about the blues and W.C Handy’s work is that I liked it. I like it because his father always told him that he did not like music that was not from the church and more negative stuff, but Handy still played the music he liked when he was older because that is what he liked, he liked the blues. W.C Handy accomplished his goal and that is when he started writing music that was the blues. His work is amazing and that is why people today wright music that is the blues.

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany.
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music  classes.
  • Founded a school that focused on music and movement.
  • The school  was boomed in World  War ll but thankfully no won was in it, they shut it dawn.
  • His most famous composition  was called Carmina Burana.
  • Loved percussion music.

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