Fireman- Disagrees with society's rules

Indirectly: Developmental

Montag is indirectly characterized as developmental. Montag is a fireman who meets a girl that disobeys society rules and basically shows him how to be happy. After a couple of days hanging out with his new friend Clarisse, she accidentally got hit and killed by a car. He soon realized how she saw things and sought out to change the way of the society. He met up with an old teacher and they came up with a plan to change society. This is an example of developmental because he changes during the story without directly saying it.


Montag is directly characterized as another man. Which, in this book, it means he actually has a personality unlike all the other firemen. Montag can see things the way Clarisse does. He is a firemen and all of them have no emotions except Montag. Montag actually develops feelings for Clarisse and realizes he has none for his wife. When Montag meets Clarisse everything about him changes and he trys to change society as well.

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